Tilt to Byte at MuVIM museum: a super cool exhibit about videogames

Tilt to Byte at MuVIM museum: a super cool exhibit about videogames

We are starting this 2015 first post with two questions. First: do you guys love videogames? (Of course you do! We do too!) Second: do you believe in fate? 

Well, we started believing in fate when our designer Giulia, on holidays in Valencia just two weeks ago, found herself at MUVIM – Museo Valenciano de la Ilustracion y la Modernidad (Museum of Illustration and Modernity), in front of an AMAZING exhibition all about VIDEOGAMES!
The MUVIM museum, also known as “Museum of ideas”, is hosting until February 22nd “From Tilt to Byte”, a journey inside Videogames history, where you can have a look at all vintage game-consoles ever created, bios of the most famous videogames creators and also a special section on the spanish documentary “Insert Coin” about how videogames have now become part of our culture, a creative mean of expression and an interactive tool to tell stories. Have a look at the trailer here.


Now let’s dive into a photographic reportage of “Tilt to Byte”… 

From Tilt to Byte exhibition

Exhibition areas are named LEVELS (“nivell” en espanol), just like being inside a videogame!

GAMEBOYs at MUVIM museum

Who’s missing some serious GAME BOY playing? We are!!

Videogames consoles at MUVIM museum

Nintendo 64 videogames console

Namco joystick

Philips console: Odyssey 2001

SEGA console

Videogames consoles at MUVIM museum

We love to play. We can be more or less dedicated, be more competitive or do it just for fun, take it as a sport or think of it as art, but every human being enjoys playing. Our body and mind encourage us to do so because it’s the best way to improve our reflexes, our dexterity, learn to take quicker choices to help us fight anxiety or sadness. Our heart is in charge of adding some passion and transform it into something else.”

This is by far the best reason why we love videogames so much: when passion meets technique we are able to transform reality into something more. And this is what we are trying to do at GamePix, building a new home for game developers and people passionate about games.

“Time passed and the primitive games we once new evolved into what we know today, becoming an essential part of our life beyond the public squares, arcades or our own homes. They are more and more present in our everyday life and all thanks to the evolution they have undergone in little less than five decades. Going from simple pastimes to great works of art, cultural icons, complex learning methods or creativity inducers has led them to play a respected role in our history.”

Vintage Apple MAC computer, signed by Wozniak

We were SO thrilled for being in the same room of a vintage Apple MAC computer, signed by Wozniak in person!

Konami console & Shigeru Miyamoto at MUVIM museum


We’d love to close up this post by congratulating with MUVIM curators for an incredibly nerd and cool exhibition and of course by thanking all kick-ass game developers of the world

We are sure this new 2015 has some amazing news in store for us, so what are you waiting for? Join the GamePix community!

Videogames are here to stay, they have made us grow, improve and learn in the best possibile way: playing.”

Editor note: All quotes in this article are owned by MUVIM, we have been inspired by those words and deeply share the same vision.