Video games gadgets? 3Dprint your Mario!

Video games gadgets? 3Dprint your Mario!

If you are reading this post, video games are probably one of our greatest passion. If you were raised in the 80’s, no matter where you were born, a trademark of your infancy it’s for sure Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros! His incredible gaming adventures trying to save Princess Peach helped by small dino Yoshi, will surely remind of your teen age and all the afternoons spent using NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

Video games on your necklace!

Now you have the chance to step back to that era, creating in a few steps an incredible wearable video game that will turn all your friend jealous like dangerous GombassAdafruit recently launched a new  3D Printed Mario Clouds Electronic Jewelry!

video games MarioAlthough it’s something more than a plan and something less than a print-and-done project, the final result it’s remarkable anyway! If you’re a game developer or simply you’ve got a geek girlfriend fond of video games, you can start working on the perfect Valentine’s day gift! 

Using some basic electronics (like a Pro Tinket Micro-controller that uses Adafruit Arduino libraries) that you can solder and configure (all with easy-to-follow instructions), the famous 8-bit Mario clouds as seen throughout so many Mario Bros. games will scroll across the 1.44-inch screen on this piece: just move or shake it to trigger the animation!

Once the electronics are all sorted, they can be placed within the 3D printed small case.

Where to get 3D printed parts?

Video Games MarioWhere to get the small 3D printed parts? The case and all its parts are inspired by Nintendo’s classic Gameboy: you can download them easily by ThingiverseAfter you’ve finished downloading the five downloadable files, you can check and customize every single part according to your needs! So you will feel like a kid again, looking at the familiar grey controller with red buttons!

The Mario clouds on the completed piece will scroll around on the screen, adding a flair of electronic prowess to your creation! Now  you just have to decide how to use it: as necklace or a great unique design gadget that will make all of your friends jealous like hell!

Want to have a look? Watch this incredible video by Adafruit and then start to Make! If your product looks good like this, contact us and send us a clip or pictures of this! We’ll be glad to publish it on our social networks with a special interview! Have fun!