Unreal Engine 4 gets native HTML5 exporting!

Unreal Engine 4 gets native HTML5 exporting!

Epic Games announced that is adding HTML5 exporting to its Unreal 4.7 game development engine. This will enable game developers to export their projects to run on the Web in all browsers supporting HTML5 and WebGL graphics. This is great news and we are surely going to see some new high quality 3D HTML5 games run on our browsers…in just a click!

In Epic notes we read that developers initially needed to use Safari, Firefox or Chrome 64-bit during the development process to get HTML5 games working; but we now learn that final builds will also work on Chrome 32-bit. More specifically, game devs will have to work on Windows because the version for Mac has not been released yet (we hope it will soon!).

To start packaging your Unreal games in the browser you just need to install the Emscripten SDK, restart the editor and then use the Launch drop down menu to select the browser.

Unreal Engine HTML5 export


Epic has a great list of brand new features that Unreal Engine 4 developers can now have access to. Read the company’s full rundown for more info.


At GamePix we can’t wait to see new HTML5 games made with Unreal Engine 4 and submitted to our platform. What are you waiting for? ;)