Top 10 HTML5 games of 2014

Top 10 HTML5 games of 2014

Hello gamers and game devs! We are now almost 2 months in the new year and it’s about time we draw up a list of the best HTML5 games you players enjoyed in 2014, don’t you think?
As you already know, GamePix is the ultimate, best, HTML5 games distributor out there *wink wink* and we are proud to be home to many of the best games created by the indie communities all over the world.

So, get ready for the coolest list and, if you happened to have missed some of the following titles, don’t forget to PLAY THEM ALL!



TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Fiz color

Title: Fiz Color
Creator: Lillo Games
Category: Puzzle

Some like ’em colorful, some like ’em fast and challenging! Play this Puzzle game with minimalist graphics and a very challenging gameplay design ;)

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Evil Wyrm

Title: Evil Wyrm
Creator: Blackmoon Dev
Category: Action

One of the HTML5 games from our catalogue with the coolest design, perfect for fans of Fantasy, magic knights & dragons spitting fire: you can’t miss it!

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: 2048

Title: 2048
Creator: Gabriele Cirulli
Category: Puzzle

This puzzle game is among the most famous of 2014, it’s SO addicting that, even if you ‘re bad at math, you will like it anyway! Try it now and make 2048!

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: MonsterJong

Title: MonsterJong
Creator: Hypnocat Studio
Category: Puzzle

Are you a fan of monsters and solitaire games? MosterJong is the perfect one for you! Find all matching pairs of monsters and clear the board!

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Zombies can't jump

Title: Zombies can’t jump
Creator: Okijin Games
Category: Action

Collect all powerful weapons, build your defenses and kill the zombies! You have been waiting all your life for this, right? We’ll say it again: kill-the-zombies!

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Sprint Club Nitro

Title: Sprint Club Nitro
Creator: Happy Landers
Category: Action

There goes a 3D racing game where you can challenge 20 cars and improve your own ride getting better at each new level. Ready? Set! Go!

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Metal Animals

Title: Metal Animals
Creator: MarketJS
Category: Adventure

Shooting games are always the most played, here you get to control a team of cute and furry animals with huge weapons. War is now, have fun!



We are now reaching the top 3 of our list and you better be ready because as long as your internet connection goes on, you won’t be able to stop!


TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: UFO run

Title: UFO run
Creator: Piponga Studio
Category: Action

Ufos are real? Do aliens exist? We’ve all wondered about this. These guys answered our questions with a shiny and addicting HTML5 game: UFO RUN!

TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Jelly Slice

Title: Jelly Slice
Creator: Okijin Games
Category: Puzzle

2nd in line there’s our beloved cute and colorful game where you have to cut jellies into slices following the only rule: a star for each slice! Play it and love it!


*** And finally, the winner is… ***


TOP 10 HTML5 GAMES OF 2014: Foot Chinko

Title: Foot Chinko
Creator: Ravalmatic Studio
Category: Sports

The absolute hero of 2014, best football game we’ve seen the past year! We are sure you’ll fall in love the only moment you hear the music…Let’s play!


We hope you guys liked our Top10 and we definitely invite you to have a look at our HTML5 games catalogue to enjoy TONS of many other incredible games, crafted with love from all over the world! :)


Editor’s note: placement in the list is based on players votes!