Thomas Palef: eating HTML5 games for breakfast since 2013

Thomas Palef: eating HTML5 games for breakfast since 2013

We are happy to start our HTML5 stories column here on the GamePix’ Blog with a very interesting interview to Thomas Palef, a french engineer who couldn’t resist his love for videogames to the point he decided to build the coolest retro games ever…himself!


Hi Thomas! You are the author of a dozen great HTML5 games, played by hundreds of thousands of people. How did you first approach HTML5 technology?
In the end of 2013 I had never made a game. To change that, I decided to thew myself a public challenge: build a new HTML5 game every week. I managed to build 12 games in 12 weeks, that you can play on my website
When I started this challenge I had no knowledge of HTML5, but it seemed like a really interesting technology to work on.

What are the advantages of coding a game in HTML5?
There are 3 big main advantages to building games in HTML5:

Simplicity. If you know HTML and Javascript, you can build HTML5 games
Accessibility. To play an HTML5 game you just need to open your browser, there’s nothing to download
Portability. The games can easily be played on almost any device (desktop, phone, tablet, and so on)

I’m personally using a framewok called Phaser to help me code the games faster.

How did you manage to reach hundreds of thousands of users?
First I posted my games on some forums and online communities related to programing and gaming. That’s how people discovered and got interested in my project.
Now it’s mostly through world of mouth that I get new visitors.

What is the hardest part of coding an HTML5 game?
At the beginning I was struggling with the art of my games. It was difficult to come up with simple yet nice looking sprites. Now I’m more concerned about game design: I’m always trying to find new ways to make my games interesting, enjoyable and challenging.

What about your latest book “Discover PHASER”?
Since I started my “one game per week” challenge, a lot of people asked me to write tutorials on how to make games. So I started writing an ebook about it, that I released in early July.

The book is called Discover Phaser, and teaches how to build a full featured game from scratch in HTML5 using the Phaser framework. If you want to learn more about it, go to

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