The big list of HTML5 games competitions

The big list of HTML5 games competitions

Every respectable badass game developer loves to attend competitions, especially hackatons and game jams!
Why do you think they love it so much? Well, we believe competitions are important for:

  • improving development, creative and networking skills
  • meeting other game devs (new and old friends!)
  • finding new inspirations
  • having fun! (the most important, let’s admit it)


There are many competitions and game jams every year but not all of them are focused on HTML5 games. Of course HTML5 is our business, so find the HTML5 games competitons listed here:


Ludum Dare 
Ludumdare is at his 33th edition. Founded in April 2002 by Geoff Howland, the Ludum Dare community has been running its brand of Game Jam for more than 12 years. It’s both the longest running, and the largest Online Game Jam in the world. The time to make a game is 1 week.


One Game a Month
One Game A Month is a game dev challenge where everyone’s invited. Your quest is to create a game each month.


Node Knockout
A 48-hour node.js hackathon but you can also build games!


Js13kGames is an HTM5/JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game devs. The fun part of the event is the file size limit set to 13kb. Takes place in August.


HTML5 Game Jam Paris is an event open to professionnals, students and other web enthousiasts. During this event, teams of graphists and developers will battle to make the best game from scratch, using the latest open web technologies.


The GGJ is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical location. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development.


If you want to suggest us some HTML5 games competitions drop us a line and be sure we are adding it to the list!