Mobile games to engage your users!

Mobile games to engage your users!

Bringing visitors to your website is one, and most often the first challenge, once you have started. But it is just as important to turn your visitors into users.
What does this mean, you ask? Comparing your situation with an old school offline business, you are bringing people to your brand-new stylish store, you just opened, but when they enter the door, they find an empty store with nothing to do or to buy, perhaps they don’t get your shop concept right away or they are simply bored. Anyways, they are probably not going to stay there for very long. Either offline or online, that is something you want to avoid.

You have to offer your visitors opportunities and reasons to stay on your page and actually use your offerings. A great way to do so, is to implement browser games in your site. In fact, users spend an average of 7,7% (source) of their online time on casual games – more than the ones checking their emails or browsing for (mostly cat-related) videos. By implementing mobile games to your site you can bring visitors to spend a lot of time on your site – time that they actually enjoy!
Here a few tips that can help you engaging users with mobile games:

Quality with GamePix QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY: There are hundreds of thousands of mobile games out there. Quite a lot of great games and masses of crappy ones. Be picky and think of what your users want. Instead of randomly share any game you find, look for great games and don’t shy away from some fees. If you are unique and users know they can find great games on your site instead of loads of games, they are likely to pay you a second visit.

Game players with GamePixFIND YOUR NICHE: Again, there are so many games out there and quite a lot of sites are sharing them. Don’t try to be another game hoarder, try to target a certain kind of user and optimize your site for them instead. No matter what small niche you decide on, there are enough people out there to make your site a success. Make a site just for under-challenged interns at Fortune500-companys and put up business simulations or make a page just for steampunk games.

Social media features on GamePix

USE SOCIAL MEDIA: Mobile games are the second biggest time “waster” when people are online. Guess what the biggest one is? Exactly. Facebook! So, it is obvious to connect the two. Choose games with incentives for posting high scores or level-ups and think about running Facebook-ads for your games. It is a two-way street and there’s a load of possibilities to make your games social.

Games with save button
THE SAVE BUTTON: By putting up games that offer the possibility to save the stage of the game, it is very likely that the user will revisit your site to continue playing. It’s stuff like this that makes users happy, and for a surprisingly long time!


Good stuff like GamePix

: If users are happy with your site and feel at home, they are very likely to tell their friends in real life and online. It is not new perception, but: good quality products are by far the best advertisement.


Modern online games offer so many great ways to interact and engage with users online. Take advantage of all the tools and resources available and devise a plan to better engage and interact with them online.
If you don’t, somebody else will.