Miniclip and GamePix to make HTML5 gaming grow together

Miniclip and GamePix to make HTML5 gaming grow together

Today, 30 March 2015, a great new relationship between Miniclip and GamePix is born., historic games portal, was founded in 2001 by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie with a budget of only £40.000 and it became one of the main gaming portals of the entire web nation: it is available in 16 languages and it will now distribute HTML5 games of the GamePix’s catalogue to their huge user base.
At GamePix we are proud of this result which is surely going to help HTML5 game developers reaching more and more users through this new channel inside a very wide distribution network.

To celebrate this incredible news, we are sharing with you all an interview to Rob Laverty, Content Manager at Miniclip, about gaming in the era of HTML5. 


Hi Rob and thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us! First of all we are curious to know what direction you think online gaming is going…

Rob: Online gaming will continue to thrive but perhaps not necessarily in its current form. With the impending deprecation of the NPAPI plugins, there is now a greater reliance on formats that do not require a plugin support such as HTML5 / WebGL.


And what about HTML5 gaming? What is going to happen in the future?

Rob: Developers and Publishers like Miniclip have to not only worry about the deprecation of the NPAPI plugin but we also have to look at user behavior and the mediums they are using to access and play casual games in recent years and we can clearly see the trend is moving rapidly to mobile. So we have to adapt to provide quality content which is consistent regardless of device and allow users to play anytime, anywhere.


As Miniclip Content Manager (one of the best jobs ever! Ed.), you have a very privileged view on gaming trends and popularity. What kind of HTML5 games developers should focus on? Do you think there are aspects of a game (like graphics, sounds, gameplay) that are more important than others?

Rob: This is a tricky question, there is an audience for every type of game genre, it’s about finding the right audience and with services like GamePix, it makes it easier for developers to reach that audience. Saying that, we have noticed over the years that if a game has enough quality it will always be successful regardless of genre. My advice would be to focus on the gameplay first and foremost, without great gameplay, nothing else matters. Everything else can be polished and tweaked after.

 GamePix featured on Miniclip

And finally, do you have any suggestions for all game developers out there that are creating HTML5 games? Is there anything in particular for those who are just starting out with it?

Rob: As with my answer to your previous question, I would say make sure gameplay is your main focus when developing your game. Create small prototypes, test them on your friends and family, see what sticks and iterate and improve from here. Once you have something which is fun to play, let people play a beta build and get real world feedback but don’t be discouraged by negative comments, learn from them and how they can help you improve and make your game better.


Well, thank you Rob. I’m sure your advices and opinions will be very helpful to many developers and we are sure that our collaboration will rock!

To all HTML5 game developers out there, what are you waiting for? Contact us and start a profitable distribution of your games with GamePix!
And remember, YOU are the Rockstars! :)