HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Samuele Sciacca, developer of the game Blop

HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Samuele Sciacca, developer of the game Blop

The GamePix blog’s colum HTML5 Rockstars is back with a passionate interview to Samuele Sciacca: an italian talented indie game developer who is only 17 years old.

Samuele created an amazing title (you can find it also in our Games Catalogue) called Blop!, and we think that this game could be the new 2048 thanks to his simplicity and addictiveness.

Let’s hear what Samuele want to tell us!


Hello Samuele, would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of the GamePix blog?

I salute you, GamePixers! My name is Samuele Sciacca, I’m a 17 years old guy living in the province of Messina attending my penultimate high school year. I’m a very ambitious dude and a music – but most of all – videogames lover!


Why did you decide to enter the world of HTML5 game development?

Everything started almost 6-7 years ago when I used to spend a lot of time on Flash games website playing all kinds of games. I became curious about the experience needed to build a game and I wondered: “If anyone can create a game, can I? What’s stopping me?”. Maybe I was a little too young to start coding, everything was quite hard, but obviously that didn’t stop me. I downloaded some software and with no knowledge of programming language I started coding videogames. With my always growing desire of building something cooler and more complex, I realized I had to roll up my sleeves and get down to it. I started studying HTML, CSS and Javascript to build my first website and then my first HTML5 videogames, simple and with a “flat design” look.


Samuele Sciacca, HTML5 game developer 

So, about your projects, can you tell us some behind-the-scenes stuff on its development?

I usually spend a lot of time on every single project: I start with a timeline, defining deadlines, and then I proceed creating images, animations and sounds. The next step is spending many hours on the code behind the game. I don’t believe there’s a specific formula to success, or anything close working at 100%, but, since I’m a gamer myself, I think I know what other gamers want to see in a game.


Care to share any tips on how to make HTML5 mobile games with the devs reading this?

To those wanting to create videogames, I definitely suggest a very deep study of one of the many many frameworks out there. For example, look for the following features:

  • simple syntax,
  • many examples,
  • an active and dynamic community,
  • books, guides and tutorials,
  • optimization of games both for desktop and mobile devices

I personally use Phaser Js and looks like it’s growing a lot, it’s a very promising tool! But of course, never stop looking around, there are many useful frameworks and maybe you’ll find your perfect match!


What does the future hold in store for you? Are you planning to launch new games soon? Any anticipation? C’mon, don’t be shy!

I don’t know what the future holds in store for me: I’m a guy with a lot of desire to learn and accomplish objectives increasingly complex and professional. I am still a rookie and, then, I still have a long way to go. Ok, ok, I will not be shy, I’ll just say to you that, having a great passion for music, during the last few days I have already made some soundtracks to place inside my future videogames! :D

 Blop, HTML5 game by Samuele Sciacca

Tell us a funny story on something that happened while developing your games. 

I usually have a lot of fun when I publish a difficult videogame and my friends are not able to play it until the very end, though at times it happens that, while I’m developing the same game, it’s me having to deal with several difficulties, and this is not funny at all! LOL


And lastly, would you tell us how you felt about this experience with the GamePix team?

Thanks to GamePix I consolidated my intention of continuing to create HTML5 videogames, according to GamePix’s high professional skills. Moreover, within GamePix’s team, developers feel welcomed, just as if they were already part of the GamePix team, and this is exactly my experience when I started working within GamePix to develop and publish my first videogame. I believe a lot in GamePix’s future and, as a young italian guy, I will do all my best to allow this fantastic platform to grow up!

 Thank Samuele, you rock! :)


Samuele Sciacca




 Play Blop!, the game made by Samuele, down here or FULL SCREEN for mobile devices!


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