HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Vladeta Marinkovic from FlashFooty

HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Vladeta Marinkovic from FlashFooty

The HTML5 Rockstar of this month is Vladeta Marinkovic, co-founder of the FlashFooty indie studio and creator of two amazing games in our catalogue: Penalty Shooter and Hidden Object – Pirate Treasure!


Hello Vladeta, would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of the GamePix blog?

Hi there. I’m founder and co-owner of FlashFooty – an indie studio dedicated to football games. We develop, host, share, play them… I guess that’s pretty much everything you can do with a game. I’m in this business together with my childhood-pal, Aleksandar, since 2006, when we started development in Flash, although our programming roots go back to late 80s when we were kids, experimented on our 8-bit and 16-bit machines. Yes, we’re that old! We made quite successful titles like Penalty Fever and Dkicker series, Goalkeeper Premier and many more (actually, it’s around 30+ Flash games). I don’t have an exact number, but our games were played more than 200 millions of times in total.

Out of the office, I’m the father of two kids, master of science in Electrical engineering by vocation, although have spent very little time working as an engineer. Worked for 7 years as a Media Account Manager in one marketing agency, but left it 5 years ago to make game development as my full time job. Simply – I always wanted to make games!


Why did you decide to enter the world of HTML5 game development?

That happened relatively recently, in summer 2014, when I finally realized that we should change our focus from Flash to something more perspective. In order to reduce the risk, we split our duties – Aleksandar went for Unity3d, while I decided to try out HTML5, using the Construct 2 tool. Now, with depreciation of NPAPI plug-ins and new exporting options that Unity offers, it’s clear – our paths will meet again on HTML5/WebGL.


So, about your projects, can you tell us some behind-the-scenes stuff on its development?

We learn while we develop, and our job is wider than ‘just’ developing games. We promote our games, observe other people’s work and much more. For, example, few years ago, I have spent two months only dealing with data-entry job. I have collected names of almost 4,000 football teams, with their shirt descriptions and entered them in our database to use in our games.


FlashFooty html5 game screenshot


Care to share any tips on trying to make HTML5 mobile games with the devs reading this?

First,  although it goes for the game development in general, make a good gameplay. Disregard graphics in the early stage and test the game often on mobile devices. They are weaker that the desktop machine you’re working on. Developer can easy fall in the trap of ‘almost’ finishing the game without actually trying it on mobile, just to find out that it’s laggy and unplayable there. Pick a development tool that will give the option to publish for as many platforms as possible – if you made a cool HTML5 game that’s great, but it would be pity not to publish it for Android, iOS, too.


What does the future hold in store for you? Are you planning to launch new games soon? Any anticipation? C’mon, don’t be shy!

We are a serious company, and we plan centuries ahead :) If everything goes smooth, this April we will launch two more games. You’ll be one of the first to know, but yes – they are football!


Tell us a funny story on something that happened while developing your game.

There’s no fun involved with game development. It’s a bloody serious and tedious job, which needs to be planned in details, something like cold-blooded murder. Just kidding! When you work something that you deeply love, every moment with it is pure fun. While we work, to relax, Aleksandar and I tell jokes, read funny memes, badmouth our clients, avoid our wives’ phone calls. We even chased one mouse in our office, but we couldn’t catch the damn creature.


FlashFooty html5 game screenshot 2


And lastly, would you tell us how you felt about this experience with the GamePix team?

In all these years in gaming I have been working with many people from various companies (Kaisergames, Spilgames, Mousebreaker… just to name a few), on the top of that I’d add my job of 7 years in a marketing agency so I have some experience with clients. It was my pleasure to communicate with such friendly and responsive team as GamePix. You’re definitely in my Top 100 favourite partners :)


Thanks a lot Vladeta, we can’t wait to see your new football creations! :D
And you guys should definitely try FlashFooty’s games: Penalty Soccer & Hidden Object – Pirate Treasures!