HTML5 Rockstars: interview to Dmitriy Kapustin of Gemioli, Top Shootout 3D creator

HTML5 Rockstars: interview to Dmitriy Kapustin of Gemioli, Top Shootout 3D creator

Our HTML5 Rockstar of the month is Dmitriy Kapustin, creator of one of the coolest 3D games out there (the first 3D title in our catalogue) Top Shootout 3D!


Hello Dmitriy! Would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of the GamePix blog?

Hey, my name is Dmitriy Kapustin, I’m co-founder of the Gemioli indie-team. We are based in Vologda, Russia. My roles are project manager, programmer and game-designer of our mobile/web games and kids apps. I’m now learning some PR and Marketing stuff because we’d like to start building a real business.


Who Lives in a Tree by Gemioli Treasue Island


Why did you decide to enter the world of HTML5 game development?

I have been developing games since 2008. It’s been a great time for desktop and Flash casual games, but then mobile smartphones and tablets have become the main stream of the gaming experience. At first we tried some simple mobile games like “Treesmas” and our two kids apps: “Treasure Island” and “Who Lives In A Tree?”. But we had not enough traffic to monetize them by ourselves. So we decided to start a B2B business model of HTML5 games (licenses, revenue share) because it’s similar to the Flash games market, where we definitely have more experience.


So, about your projects, can you tell us some behind-the-scenes stuff on the development? You developed a game in WebGL, right?

Our first HTML5 game, “Slinguin”, was developed with Haxe and OpenFL in 3 months from scratch, as far as I remember. It’s a simple relaxing 2D game with a minimum of player control and some very cute characters; also, the idea behind this game was taken from this fun video. I have great Haxe experience with our apps – it’s really simple to port games to multiple platforms, including HTML5. Then we decided to make a 3D game in November 2014…but at that time there was no stable 3D support in OpenFL. So, I had to learn pure JavaScript and Three.js engine to make a 3D game.

And yes, it uses WebGL technology! But at that time we were afraid of a lack of WebGL support on mobile devices, so with our 3D artist we decided to make a very simple game with a casual tap-tap gameplay just to try the WebGL market out. We then remembered about the Wild Gunman NES game and in 2 months of active development, Top Shootout: The Saloon was ready.
It’s been a great achievement for me to have managed to adapt a 2D API system to a 3D engine, and a huge thanks goes to all the contributors of the Three.js 3D engine!



Care to share any tips on trying to make HTML5 mobile games, with the devs reading this?

Make a fun prototype – it’s half of the game itself. And amazing graphics is the second part. So try to polish these parts of the game as much as possible. Plus, there are so many open source game engines, don’t reinvent the wheel!


What does the future hold in store for you? Are you planning to launch new games soon? Any anticipation?
C’mon, don’t be shy!

Sure, we are actively in the development process of the “Top Shootout” sequels now. As I can say, our experiment with a WebGL game was successful – many HTML5 portals have decided to license it! Unfortunately, some other famous HTML5 portals do not license WebGL games at this time, because of mobile support risk; but we do hope this situation will be better in the future and that we will see much more 3d games on all HTML5 platforms.


Tell us a funny story on something that happened while developing your game.

During the development process, our 3D artist Dmitriy Denisov created the 3D model of a real person, a friend of his, to make it appear in the scores screen. Since they’re very close but his friend couldn’t appear in the game due to its specific style, we decided to dress him like an amazing cowboy and make him appear in the game trailer!


Before saying goodbye, would you tell us how you felt about this experience with the GamePix team?

Guys, you are great and very friendly! Even despite the situation with WebGL-based games, you were the first licensees of the game. We are so glad about your fast feedback on all our questions. Thanks again!


Thank you Dimitriy, we look forward to seeing new WebGL games from you soon!
HTML5 Rockstars rock!


Play Top Shootout 3D down here or FULL SCREEN for mobile devices!