HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Biagio Iannuzzi from Code This Lab

HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Biagio Iannuzzi from Code This Lab

The HTML5 Rockstar of this month is Biagio Iannuzzi, co-founder of Code This Lab, one of the strongest italian studios in the HTML5 games fields (and not only)! Let’s read some more about him… :)


Codethis Lab team


Hello Biagio, would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of the GamePix blog?

I am Biagio Iannuzzi, CEO and Founder together with Mauro Banchieri, of Code This Lab srl. Our adventure in the gaming world started in 2004. We were a little group of friends and acquaintances with a common passion: games, and that channelled all their strengths in the development of web games. The desire of creating games was born with a VISION: the power of buildiing and giving life to worlds and characters (a kind of God’s syndrome from Peter Molyneux Black and White, just to speak). The best way to let our imagination run riot was to develop games. Videogames are the sum of all that a fond of informatics and art loves doing: coding, programming, animating, 3D modeling, music. Videogames are a complete multimedia work. We decided to focus on web games because they can be created by a small team but it doesn’t mean that they are less “badass” of AAA games. In 2009 our efforts led us to found CodeThisLab srl, a little independent studio that creates 3D models, Websites, and Games, to be licensed or created from scratch for a commission. During our career we collaborated, amongst others, with Cisco System, Fox Tv, Yahoo, SpilGames and Nickelodeon (Spongebob’s producer) stacking up one achievement after an other.


Sweety Mahjong by Code this Lab

(Play Sweety Mahjong here!)


Why did you decide to enter the world of HTML5 game development?

We had been focused on Flash technology for years, because Flash was a kind of equivalent of web games. In recent years this technology has been gradually abandoned, due to the spreading of mobile devices that don’t support it. For this reason we broadened our horizons to HTML5, a cross-devices technology. In the last year we have released more than 50 HTML5 games and we don’t have the slightest intention to stop here.


So, about your projects, can you tell us some behind-the-scenes stuff on its development?

Before the creation of each game we discuss every gameplay internally, then we move on to the graphics theme. Then we start fighting about the calibration of the difficulty because I want the game to be very easy at the beginning but Mauro and Alessio want a game more challenging from the very start. One of our strengths is that our games can engage all sort of players: from the random player, right down to the game addicted. And that’s because of the variety of gameplays: casual games, girl games, logic games, gambling games and so on… Variety and quality are the reasons why our customers choose us among dozens and dozens of HTML5 game developers.


Running Soccer by Code this Lab Drive your Car by Code this Lab
(Play Running Soccer here!)  (Play Drive your Car here!)


Care to share any tips on trying to make HTML5 mobile games with the devs reading this?

Why are you wasting your time and your mental health to create games when CodeThisLab can do it for you? Go out! Enjoy your youth! Get a life! In all seriousness… It may sound trivial but to do this job you must have strong perseverance, stubbornness and self-denial. Because it often happens to bump into a lot of issues that must be solved and, since IT is an ever-changing world, you must be always up to date about new technologies. You’ll never stop, you’ll keep on studying for the rest of your life…


What does the future hold in store for you? Are you planning to launch new games soon? Any anticipation? 

We hope to redouble our portfolio by the beginning of 2016. We are planning to start selling licenses of native apps (iOS, Android), and we want to expand our team.



(Play Zombie Invasion here!)


Tell us a funny story on something that happened while developing your game.

Actually the funniest story is not about a game but about a 3D model. It was a little while ago now, a Polish customer bought our Iphone 5 3D model and claimed for a refund because he was convinced that he had bought a real Iphone 5 and not a 3D model…but the most droll thing was that in the email he wrote “Please, give me back my money, because if my wife finds out that I bought a 3D model and not a real Iphone she will punch me!!!” Anyway we were glad of it, because it means that our 3D models are so accurate to seem real!


And lastly, would you tell us how you felt about this experience with the GamePix team?

We met GamePix during their scouting…actually they found us! They are smart and really fun. They are building up a portal much more bigger than the long-gone MochiMedia. I hope that they will keep on bringing forward this project so that they will give exposure to all worthy developers.

Thanks a lot Biagio, we are working hard to become the place where game developers will make real money with their creations, allowing them to focus on the game development and not on distribution. When MochiMedia closed, everywone was sad, but we hope to become the new MochiMedia for HTML5 games and be the best alternative to it ;)


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