HTML5 Rockstars: Interview with the game developers of Foot Chinko

HTML5 Rockstars: Interview with the game developers of Foot Chinko

We are very excited to inaugurate our new blog column “HTML5 Rockstars” with an informal talk with two amazing guys from the RavalMatic studio: Enriqueto and Javi Sanz. They developed one of the best HTML5 games available on the web: Foot Chinko.

 HTML5 rokstars: Foot Chinko

Hello guys, would you mind introducing yourself to the readers of the GamePix blog?

Hey there! The guys of GamePix will kill our kidnapped puppies if we don’t answer merrily the interview. We are the typical duo of near-starving game producers. The main strength we have as studio is that we are close to being able to feed from dust mites and navel lint. That’s a point that gives you some chance in this business.

Why did you decide to enter the world of HTML5 game development?

We were young and foolish back then. Little did we know about HTML5 harshness, Samsung’s native buggy browser, and the rest of the nightmare. We dreamed about sacks of dollars, but once again we only found misery on our path. It would have been easier keep developing for game & watch handhelds.

So, about your latest project, Foot Chinko, can you tell us some behind-the-scenes stuff on its development? It’s having so much success that we definitely want to know your secrets!

It was really a happy time when we whiplashed the Oompa Loompa’s backs. That’s pretty much what we remember about the development. We needed them to keep producing graphics and new levels while we were hanging out at the bodega. After several hours of hard wine-drinking sessions we came back at the cave, changed our minds and throw away all the work they did during the day. That’s why the game took so much time to produce, because we are such whimsical alcoholic tyrants.

HTML5 development: Foot ChinkoCare to share any tips on trying to make HTML5 mobile games with the devs reading this?

Try to get every single mobile device possible, with every browser that has ever been produced. Test your games and don’t miss any combination. If you succeed and squash all the bush on your way, it means you are so talented you are wasting your time producing videogames. You are truly the long promised Messiah. We salute you. We will even follow you on Twitter.

What does the future hold in store for you? Are you planning to launch new games soon? Any anticipation? C’mon, don’t be shy!

Yaaayyy… we may be planning a space opera, but since the development is in such early stage, it might be a “whack-a-mole” game in the end. You know how it starts, but never how it will look in the end.

Tell us a funny story on something that happened while developing Foot Chinko.

It was always a really funny moment when we had to pay the rent and the co-working space. The proprietaries rolled on the floor, laughing their asses off when we told them a new episode of blatant lies and excuses. They adore us so much that were even tempted to cancel our debts. We have come to a strange ritual, and every first day of the month, we disguise as clowns, pick a rusty saxophone and weep in front of them while whistling Mozart’s requiem. It’s a really disgusting performance. Having no self-esteem helps though.

And lastly, would you tell us how you felt about this experience with the GamePix team?

I’m being told that they have been feeding the kidnapped puppies early mentioned, so yes, they are really nice guys. Quick in their response, professional and even adorable. Are we finally facing the mythical “Good-Hearted Client™”? We’ll see when Christmas comes.
[HINT] – A basket full of italian food will totally unlock “Key to Ravalmatic’s heart” badge!






Play Foot Chinko down here or FULL SCREEN for mobile devices!