HTML5 games on Smart TVs & Smart Watches

HTML5 games on Smart TVs & Smart Watches

The real value of HTML5 game development is that your creation works on every device with an Internet connection and a browser.
In the latest months, two main new trends are becoming very interesting for all HTML5 game developers: smart TVs & smart watches.


Smart TVs

Seems like Google is pushing a lot on smart TVs, if you go to Sony’s website you’ll see that in 2015 they will integrate Android TV in their own TVs. This could be a great opportunity for all devs out there, a sort of technological standardization for smart TV development.


Smart watches
Also smart watches are growing fast. At GamePix we tested many games on Samsung Gear and most of them worked pretty well. Sometimes the main problem is the speed of the game, but we are sure that with lots of optimization games will work great on smartwatches!
If you have a SmartWatch you should definitely test your HTML5 game by downloading one of the browsers available on Google Play. Try searching the query “wear browser”.

At GamePix we are always looking for high-quality games working on SmartTVs and SmartWatches, so, if you got one, just drop us a line! :)