How to create HTML5 games: MightyEditor

How to create HTML5 games: MightyEditor

Do you know how to create HTML5 games? You can use many useful tools and frameworks, one of these is MightyEditor.
MightyEditor is an open-source cloud based solution for creating and hosting 2D HTML5 games. It is compatible with the game development framework Phaser, but you can also use it with many other tools. This editor main features are: asset management, map editing, data export, a keyframe animation tool and a code editor. But why should I use it?


browser-based tool

MightyEditor allows developers to concentrate on the fast and efficient design and prototyping of HTML5 games, whilst retaining all of the basic functions of a map and code editor. Being exclusively browser-based, it removes the hassle of software installation and configuration, saving both time and money.


workING remotely

Through the group sharing of a single URL, live projects can be remotely worked on by a number of team members from any location, further improving the efficiency and cost savings over more traditional game development. Cooperation with designers, other team members or even a client has been made as easy as sharing links to the project. Users can really work as a team, assign an illustrator to deal with assets, while the game designer creates different levels in the map editor and the developer adds functionality with JavaScript code!


export option

A uniquely important export option, allows clients to take away all assets and code whenever they please. Projects are therefore not restricted to working only within the MightyEditor platform. The editor is open-source, so data can be transferred to local machines with the local version of the editor.


Find out more about this editor by learning tutorials from creating a simple project to developing a mini-game in just an hour. Also check lovely HTML5 games made on MightyEditor.

What are you waiting for? Create HTML5 games now!

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Create HTML5 games with MightyEditor


Try Temple Defence, a great game made with Mighty Editor: