GamePix conquering Angry Birds! ;)

GamePix conquering Angry Birds! ;)

In these days, the GamePix Team is attending AppCademy, a mobile application accelerator program managed by Aalto University in Espoo, Finland through Appcampus. This is a joint investment initiative by Microsoft and Nokia of 18 million euro to fast-track mobile app development on Windows Phone and Nokia Platform.

During the daily sessions of training and coaching we received incredible tech insights, priceless advices and high-level extensive courses in branding & positioning, development, monetization, marketing and communication. We were shortlisted between many and many startups from all over the world, so we are extremely proud to be here and to work for a month in such a boosting environment!

Now you guys probably expect from us a detailed report of what is happening here. But this is not what we are going to give you! We would like to do more!

We would like to tell you how we managed to realize one of our dreams: visiting Rovio, one of the most interesting entertainment media companies worldwide, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds!

Considering that our place in Finland is not really far from Rovio Headquarters, from the day we arrived in Helsinki we bustled to get there and visit their place. For this reason, we tried to attract Rovio attention using Twitter. More in detail we tweeted this.

GamePix tweet to Rovio Angry Birds

Thanks to our friends support we received 51 re-tweets so the Rovio twitter administrator could not ignore our request. After a decisive tweet from Paolo Borella, we received an answer from Peter “Mighty Eagle” (the mind behind the great marketing of Angry Bird in person) inviting us to visit their HQ. So our dream came true! After some days we went to visit Rovio with some other teams from AppCampus and we had the chance to meet Peter in person!

The welcome was great and we were invited to visit the second floor of their palace, into a big, colorful, Angry Birds themed open-space! After some minutes Peter reached us! We started pitching to him, then he explained us their vision and the way they work in Rovio! Rovio is no more only a gaming corporation is much more!

GamePix in Rovio HQ

It is a worldwide entertainment company that produces cartoons, educational books and their aim is to create a real “lifestyle”: an ambitious and impressive task! A task that they are accomplishing in the right way considering the lots of amazing works they showed us, for example carrying the Angry Birds on a real space station (Video here) and also on an Angry Bird branded park in China. He told us that some people still considers this impossible, but they work every day to demonstrate that is not so!

A mind-set that is clearly shared, clearly on a smaller scale, by our team! Coming back to us, our pitch at Rovio proved to be successful: we explained them that we are realizing not just a game, but a platform for gamers where you can conquer the planet. They were so interested in our product that suggested us to contact their investment area! A second goal, far beyond any reasonable desire, was reached!

Closing this post, I (Valerio) would like to remind the words of Peter that touched me the most:

“Success is made of a combination of elements, an alchemy of factors. The alchemy that worked in Angry Birds was a mix of:

  • Characters style: the main source of success. If you look to the Birds, you feel that there is something attracting you, and there are some examples of success like Hello Kitty that is on the waves from 10 years
  • Simplicity of the UI: less text is better! They decided to cut all the descriptions so you have a very simple and intuitive interface, without distractions from the real value that is the game
  • A catchy and perfect icon: if the icon is not good, it’s hard that people start to download your game
  • A perfect marketing strategy:  your product can be good but if nobody knows it, it won’t work! Marketing is very important and the best marketing is the creative one.

This should suffice for today, guys! Keep in touch with Gamepix!

GamePix & MightyEagle Rovio CMO

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