Firefox OS: a great opportunity for HTML5 game developers

Firefox OS: a great opportunity for HTML5 game developers

Since Firefox OS was born, at GamePix we were among the first interested in this new operating system, mainly because of its great support to many HTML5 features. Also, we were pretty sure we would have released some cool apps for Firefox OS devices, so we had to keep a – very close – eye on it!

Building games for Firefox OS

A few days ago we discovered a very interesting book, written by André Garzia – HTML5 developer working for Mozilla in Rio de Janeiro, the book is called Building Games for Firefox OS and it’s “a quick guide on how to create casual 2D games with HTML5”.

Building Games for Firefox OS (have a look at the cover here on the left) is written for readers with an intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, wanting to make their first way inside the world of game development. Teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript is not the scope of this book, even though it contains many external links to very good references.

We would like to quote an interesting excerpt from the book that we are sure will arise the interest of many game devs to discover more of Firefox OS.



The Web is everywhere. Its on your computer, mobile phone, smart TV, and even in your video game consoles. The programming language of the web, JavaScript, is one of the most popular languages in the world. As already mentioned, when people talk about HTML5 they usually mean the collection of three technologies known as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Recent advances in HTML have brought in a range of new features – advanced form controls, Web sockets, and more semantic markup – when compared to XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01. Advances in CSS have also introduced lots of new features, such as Flexbox and CSS Animations, that make it a lot easier to create beautiful responsive layouts. And recent advances in JavaScript have brought significant performance improvements and new capabilities, all while remaining easy to use for both beginners and seasoned developers alike.

Firefox OS is in essence, an extension of the mobile web. By making HTML5 a first-class citizen, Mozilla has opened its platform to millions of web developers. Even if some other browser vendors implement HTML5 in their mobile offerings, Firefox OS goes beyond that by offering a collection of APIs to access the underlying hardware and system using JavaScript. These APIs are collectively known as the WebAPIs.

Read Building Games for Firefox OS online here or, even better, buy it here: be a supporter of this amazing work and community!


About the author of the book:Andre Garcia 
My name is Andre Alves Garzia and I am a app/web developer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My work is mostly related to HTML5 where I develop mobile apps and web apps and also with the joyful language known as LiveCode doing projects related to networks and databases. I enjoy traveling, discovering new cultures (… and food!) and meeting new people. I like computer languages and alternative operating systems. I read more books then it is healthy and I am learning the pennywhistle… I also should sleep more.


This article wants to be a tribute to this book, his author and the contribution they are giving to the HTML5 game development ecosystem