6 Free Things To Do Online When You Are Bored

6 Free Things To Do Online When You Are Bored

With such a high percentage of the global population restricted to their homes during this period, it is safe to say that we have more time on our hands than usual, and that we may feel a hint of the boredom bug sneak in. But no need to worry about all the idle time on hand – there are numerous ways to help the fatigue phenomenon, and some of them won’t cost you a cent. Here are 6 free things to do during lockdown to beat the boredom blues.

Bored online

Bored online

1) Play a game on GamePix | It Takes Two to Make a Game Go Right

One of the best ways to pass the time is with a good old-fashioned pastime – the game! Sites like ours make it easy to just hop in and out of a game with no installation required and compatible on any device and on any browser. There are so many HTML5 games ranging from your classic Nokia Snake to two player games. Best part is, they are all free. So, go ahead and get your game on. And invite a listless friend. Your listlessness will soon become competitiveness. Not a bad swap.

2) Free Workouts | Getting Buff Instead of Getting Bored

Ok there is really no excuse not to find time in the day to work out when you are home for most of it. And there is even less of a reason not to work out when there is a plethora of gyms, which you may not normally have access to, offering their workout classes for free. This is one worth taking advantage Setting yourself up with a daily routine that includes physical activity is definitely a must during stay at home days and perfect to overcome the humdrum of a long 24 hours indoors. Not motivated? Watch a few first and start envisioning how good you’ll look once out and about on the town.

3) Houseparty | Stay In & Socialize

There are plenty of ways to stay connected during social distancing, and luckily video chats can give us a sense of togetherness. But how do you actually simulate a Saturday night with friends without getting too caught up in the “video conference vibe”? Houseparty is a face to face social app that sets itself apart from the rest with the unique feature of being able to join in on video chats your friends are in, even if they are chatting with people you don’t know – very much like an actual house party. Who knows, you may even make new friends while staying in. Being bored might just work in your favor.

online videochat

4) Netflix Party | Unconventional Movie Night

You may not be able to host a movie night at home with friends, but nothing is stopping you from hosting a movie night online with friends. Netflix Party is a Chrome extension which synchronizes video controls on any Netflix show or movie so it’s almost like you are in the same room with friends. And for those friends who can’t seem to stay quiet during movie night – there is a chat function on the side screen so you can share your movie musings without actually missing a moment.

5) Cooking Course Michelin | From Apathy to Appetite

Now we know there’s one thing you are definitely doing every day whether you are bored or not, and that is eating. So, why not take the time to learn how to perfect your culinary skills with acclaimed Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura. Every day at 3PM, Bottura teaches a culinary class on Bottura’s Instagram called Quarantine Kitchen where you will learn tips on how to cook Michelin style dishes as well as more traditional ones. If nothing else, you will increase your culinary vocabulary and appetite with this!

6) Take an Ivy League Course | Earning Fatigue Accolades

Not sure what to do with spare time on your hands at home? Why not finish an Ivy League course in your free time? Yep, FreeCodeCamp offers over 450 Ivy League courses from 8 universities including Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, Columbia and more. Follow the entire curriculum online and feel ever so smarter after taking a Data Architecture class “just for fun”. Courses range from Humanities to Computer Science to Engineering and plenty more.